Laceneck Dove
Streptopelia chinensis tigrina

AKA: Spotted Dove; Necklace Dove; Pearl-necked Dove; Spotted-necked Dove; Chinese Turtle Dove; Spotted Turtle Dove

© Angel Teruel

©Pete Morris

Distribution: Found in the Burma & Malayan regions.

Description: is an intermediate form between chinensis & suratensis; more closely resembling suratensis then chinensis. Larger then suratensis but smaller then chinensis. Has a paler upper area; the wing coverts show the dark shaft & pale narrow buff feather edges rather then the spots at the tips, these narrow buff edges are larger then in chinensis but not forming the conspicuous "spots" of suratensis. Has wing edge blue grey & extensive as in suratensis. Under body & undertail area as in suratensis.

©John Pire
Undertail coverts

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