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I would like to thank Kay Smith for sharing her pictures and information with IDS & other Diamond Dove Fanciers worldwide.
It is hoped this beautiful "diamondless pattern" can be reproduced. I included Kay's comments on her birds below the pictures.

241-99 bird from Charles Hildredth's stock & my first Pied Diamond Dove

1281-05 son of 241

1281-05 son of 241


2947-08 is a son of 1281-05, you can see some lacing coming through the wing shield.



1281-05 Son of 241

Ron (my husband) bought me a Blue Pied WhiteRump cock 3 years ago at the Louisville, KY NYBS Show in an Auction. The cock was from Charles Hundredth. Not really sure what I was going to do with him as I only bought the one Pied, I went to the Diamond Dove Color Chart to see what to I could breed him with to produce Pied. I found very little information on Pied.

I know some about pigeon genetics and using what I thought I knew I decided to use a Lacewing WT. I figured the spread gene had to be in the Lacewing to get the White pushed to the outer edges of the coverlets. The Hen I chose was a Lacewing with a very broad pattern. The lacing on the hen was very poor as the white pushed to the end of the feathers.  The first year they  produced a Hen with a few Secondary Flights. I breed the young hen back to her father the next year and a cock back to his mother.  The Young Hen and her Father produced a squab, 1281, with very few White Dots on the Wing Shield. When the 1281 went through his Adult Molt the few white spots on the shield disappeared, leaving the little guy a Diamond-less. Although, at the time, I had no idea it was called Diamond-less. I was calling him a Blue.

I mated him back to his mother and produced a Blue Pied with a few white flight’s and white coverlets. This is my 4th year in the Pied Project.  I sold the first Hen I used, so I do not have a picture of her.

241-99 is down from Charles Hundredth stock and my first Pied

1281-05 is a Son of 241

651-07 is off a Brother/Sister mating. This hen shows some lacing and a few wing dots.

2947-08 is a Son of 1281- You can see some lacing coming through the shield.

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