Rapa Fruit Dove
Ptilinopus huttoni

This species is classified as Vulnerable because its very small population is confined to one tiny island. Deterioration of its habitat is the greatest threat, and action to preserve remaining fragments is still urgently needed. Any decline in range or numbers would result in an upgrading to Critical status.


Range Map for Rapa Fruit-dove

Destruction and degradation of forest by goats, cattle, fires (used to control fernland and increase grazing land) and felling are the main threats. Predation by feral cats and Pacific rat Rattus exulans are possible threats, while hunting for food by local inhabitants is no longer a threat owing to an improvement in the standard of living on the island2.

Proposals have been made to protect the Hiri Valley and to consider captive breeding2.

*Discuss with the local community the possibility of establishing a protected area in the upland forests1. *If agreement for a protected area is reached, fence forest remnants to reduce grazing pressure1. *Reduce goat numbers1. *Exclude fires from upland areas1. *Consider the possibility of translocation to another island to establish a second population1. *Investigate the impact of cats and rats on the species, and take precautions to prevent invasion by black rat Rattus rattus

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